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Hilarious Twitter Thread Reveals the Bizarre World of Fake E.T. Toys

Vintage E.T. toys are making a comeback, apparently.

It’s been 38 years since  E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial hit theaters and, subsequently, earned a forever-spot in the imagination of American sci-fi filmmakers and American kids. But just because the film hit theatres nearly 40 years ago doesn’t mean that E.T.’s signature, wrinkled, gargantuan brain on the tiny scrawny body has been lost on the psyche of American pop culture. And given actor, musician, singer, and songwriter Pearl Rhein’s hilarious Twitter thread on vintage E.T. toys — which apparently has quite the market on eBay — it seems that toymakers and internet resellers agree. 

“Did you know that the most cursed corner of the internet is eBay listings for vintage E.T. toys?” she began, rather innocuously, revealing a deformed stuffed E.T. model that at once looks like the nose is a butthole and a seam, a freaky Glasgow smile. 

But the shocking toys don’t end there: there include E.T. candles, for some reason, a seemingly infinite number of plush E.T toys (some with blue eyes, some with brown, some wearing t-shirts, others with deflated arms and feet but extremely round bodies) and one E.T. toy that looks a lot more like a stuffed monkey than the iconic alien. 

Obviously, it’s no surprise that these toys exist. Anyone can remember the dearth of Star Wars candies, toys, collectibles, and knock-offs that surged after any one of the movies were released in theatres.

But it is very fun to take a look down memory lane, and take a gander at any one of the super disturbing, clearly once-sought-out alien toys.