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Here Are the Best Twitter Reactions to Last Night’s Insane ‘Game of Thrones’

We're still recovering.


With just one episode left in the final season of Game of Thrones, things have gotten more action-packed, more intense, and more emotional as each week passes. And last night’s episode was no different.

In what was likely the deadliest episode of the hit HBO show yet, Daenerys Targaryen showed her dark side, burning all of King’s Landing down to the ground in an hour-long battle sequence.

And the only thing more intense (and more heated) than Westeros last night was the Twittersphere. Fans were fired up over not only the carnage but also the episode’s shocking plot revelations—which led to some hilariously accurate memes and tweets.

It all began with Varys trying to spread the word that Jon Snow is secretly a Targaryen himself. While his attempt ended up getting him killed, that didn’t stop people from reimagining what Varys would’ve been doing in modern day (aka sending a BCC email or typing furiously).

Others poked fun at Jon and Tyrion for their apparent shock that the Queen of Dragons isn’t so innocent after all.

One fan even captured the moment that Jon Snow realized his mistake…

There were also plenty of people who tweeted about Dany’s evil turn—and the fact that the Mad Queen has, well, a little fire in her (literally).

And speaking of fire, some users commented on the dragon’s leading role in last night’s episode, especially compared to the week before when one of Dany’s dragons was killed by a human.

There were also more than a few memes capturing Dany and Drogon’s reactions to their destruction.