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Twitter Fathers Comparing ‘Dad Outfits’ is Beautiful Internet Weirdness


It’s hard to nail down just exactly what makes a “Dad outfit.” Is it generational? A little. Do cargo shorts have to be involved? No, but they often are. Must the outfit itself be unsightly? Again no, but the majority seem to fall in that camp. Still, the “dad style” idea holds truck with tastemakers and, if a new trend is indicative, Twitter. After Twitter user Spencer Hall, who tweets (mostly about sports) under the handle @edsbs, asked the dads of Twitter to show off pictures of their most dad outfit, responses flooded in. Looking at the portraits all together, it’s possible to get a sense of what people think it means to dress like a dad in 2018.

As one can imagine, most of the dads who replied didn’t just use the opportunity to post a mirror selfie; an overwhelming majority featured pictures of them with their kids. Almost as if to subtly say: “Yes, there was once a time when I actually had the energy to care more about how I dressed.” In actuality, the whole Twitter chain featured more than enough shocking before and afters, t-shirts, clashing plaid patterns, cargo shorts, fedoras, decorative short sleeve button ups, matching sweat suits, high waisted jeans, and grey hair praise to deduce that the most common threads were the comfort, affordability, and functionality (as well as the vague sense that each ensemble was kind of appropriate for any event and actually appropriate for none). Still, it seemed like the dads of Twitter were taking some pride in their duds, regardless of the price point or apparent ridiculousness to others.

Here are some of our favorite dad looks.