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Twitter Celebrates #WhyImGladChristmasIsOver and Everybody Can Relate

Bye! See ya next year.

Credit: Universal Pictures; Illumination

There is always so much stress that comes with this big holiday season. We have what feels like an endless to-do list, days filled with obligations to our families, which definitely comes with its own stress. And it messes up our schedule and our kids who can turn them into little grouchy monsters. It’s nice to celebrate, and there are totally warm feels we get with Christmas, too. But this #WhyImGladChristmasIsOver thread taking over Twitter proves that everyone can relate to the stress of the holiday season.

The hashtag started trending today, and the timeline is flooded with reasons that we’re so glad Christmas is done, and it proves that many of us can relate to the struggles of this holiday season.

People are tired of the “fakeness” that comes with having to be happy during Christmas and all the stress that comes with hosting.

There are a lot of people who relate to being tired of all the socializing and awkward conversations that come with the holidays.

And there’s a pretty strong consensus that Christmas music is the worst and people are so glad to have regular streams of music again.

If you find Christmas to be stressful and you’re glad it’s over, too, reading through these tweets will help you feel a whole lot better. People struggle with the loneliness this holiday can bring, the stress of money and gift buying, the massive amount of cleanup we have to do. And generally, people are happy to get back into their regular life routine—whatever that looks like.

Until next year, Christmas!