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Turns Out That Disneyland Won’t Re-open In July

This is probably a good thing.


While Disneyland had been on track for a mid-July reopening, apparently, according to an official company statement, the company will delay reopening the southern California park. Only two weeks after the company announced plans to re-open the Anaheim location with some social distancing measures including limited attendance and requiring reservations, they’ve backed off of the plans, and likely won’t weigh in again on their future reopening until at least after July 4. 

But why the delay? Apparently, the state of California’s “Phase Three” reopening plans include allowing theme parks to reopen, and while Disney might have anticipated the state of California being able to enter Phase Three by mid-July, the state remains in limbo. Coronavirus cases are rising in the state, with a 69% rise in Covid-19 cases across the state. Four Southern California counties that reopened restaurants are leading the numbers of the statewide Covid counts. In any case, because of the rising cases, California is stuck in Phase Two — and Disney won’t be able to open on such a short notice.

In a statement, the company noted the effort and time it would take to bring back thousands of cast members, restarting the business, and doing so safely. “We have no choice but to delay the reopening of our theme parks and resort hotels until we receive approval from government officials,” the company said. 

So, for now, Disneyland is waiting to hear from the state of California to figure out when and how they can reopen. That’s probably a good thing — a trip to Disney should not be a superspreader event or one that will somehow kill grandma.