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Trump’s Plans To Cut Funding From PBS And The National Endowment For The Arts Won’t Save Much Money

Now that Mick Mulvaney has finally been confirmed as Director of the Office Of Management And Budget in at 51-49 vote, President Trump can move forward with his plans to slash government spending. That may include killing The Corporation For Public Broadcasting (CPB), The National Endowment For The Arts (NEA), and The National Endowment For The Humanities (NEH). These foundations help bankroll everything from arts programs to museums to your kids favorite PBS shows. Much like Daniel Tiger, it might make you want to roar.

angry daniel tiger

The proposed cuts would save approximately $500 million per foundation, the New York Times reports. But even when you include unrelated proposed programs on the chopping block like AmeriCorps, that only saves about $2.5 billion annually. Only?, you say? And yes, $2.5 billion may sound like a lot. But to put it in perspective, that’s 0.0625 percent of the U.S.’s projected $4 trillion budget. That’s like one button on Mister Rogers’ cardigan.

The Trump administration apparently knows this, because while they don’t mind spending money, they hate wasting it more and want to make examples of programs that arguably do that. As a parent, you’re probably familiar with this logic but might still prefer to let Arthur set his own example (not about dad jokes though). If the cuts go through, then future of PBS is uncertain unless Netflix buys them and solves all your problems. As if they have to do everything around here.

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