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The Real Halloween Is Tomorrow: Are You Ready For National Trick or Treat Day?

Halloween needs to become a weekend holiday.


Everyone knows that Halloween is on October 31 but what you may not know is that tomorrow (October 26) is the first-ever National Trick or Treat Day, so don’t be surprised if some trick-or-treaters show up at your door demanding candy. National Trick or Treat Day is part of the movement to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October instead of having it on a set day. So rather than kids going out and getting hopped on candy on a school night, their parents can relax knowing that trick-or-treating will always take place on a weekend.

“Get the whole family dressed up and go trick or treating! Organize a trunk or treat activity with your office, church, or volunteer group. Host costume party,” the National Day Calendar, which is responsible for the day, says. “No matter how you celebrate, extend the life of your costume for the season and make sure more people see your creative ideas. Be sure to take pictures and share them using #TrickOrTreatDay on social media.”

This is hardly the first time that people have complained about the awkward scheduling of Halloween, as there have been countless petitions trying to turn it into a weekend holiday instead of having it set on a certain date. After all, if Thanksgiving can always be on a Thursday for virtually no reason, why can’t Halloween always be on a Saturday? Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays in America but since it’s not a holiday you get off from work or school, having it on a random weekday often becomes a hassle.

Could National Trick or Treat Day be the first step in officially altering the schedule to make Halloween a weekend holiday? We hope so but our one potential suggestion? Maybe do it on Friday night instead. That way, kids can wear their costumes to school to show all of their friends before going trick-or-treating. Either way, we’re on board for this change.