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Trailer For LeBron James ‘Best Shot’ Documentary is Super Heartwarming

The show hits YouTube Red in mid-July.


YouTube Red just dropped another teaser trailer for the Lebron James’ produced docu-series titled Best Shot, the series follows College Basketball Hall of Famer Jay Williams as he coaches a high school basketball team of struggling kids from Newark, New Jersey. The series will focus on Williams working with the team’s coach in the hopes of helping each of the kids reach their greatest potential.

Williams is the perfect choice to star in a show like this, as he has proven the power of hard work and determination time and time again. After an extremely impressive career as a college basketball player at Duke University, he went on to play one season in the NBA before injuries he suffered as a result of a devastating car accident basically ended his career.

Williams had tried to come back more than a few times, but the injuries proved too much for him to overcome and he was forced to retire. Still, Williams has never let his circumstances keep him down and he has shown a level of perseverance that is downright inspiring.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from indomitable will, and that’s what I want to imprint on these kids,” Williams said in an earlier trailer for the series.  “They [the Newark team] were built for these type of moments.”

While studios are usually quick to hop on inspirational sports stories about well-to-do coaches helping out disadvantaged or troubled youth — as evidenced by yet another Friday Night Lights reboot —  Best Shot’s commitment to non-fiction storytelling gives it the makings of a standout. And having arguably the greatest basketball player of all time cosign the project by producing doesn’t hurt at all either.

The YouTube Original series will premiere July 18th