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You Can Exchange Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Cards For Bed Bath & Beyond Credit

Here's what to know.


Since Toys ‘R’ Us announced last month it would close all 800 of its U.S. stores, things looked grim for customers holding onto store credit. While the company promised it would continue to accept gift cards until April 21, its online stores are already shut down, and many local Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us locations have closed their doors. Luckily, some good news for those who are unsure what to do with their credit: Bed Bath & Beyond will exchange any Toys ‘R’ Us or Babies ‘R’ Us gift card for their own store credit, so long as shoppers cash it in by this Thursday.

Of course, there are a few catches. As part of its “Card Cash” program, Bed Bath & Beyond’s website explains that the exchange won’t be for the exact same value, and the gift cards need to have a balance of at least $20 to be eligible. But it’s still an opportunity to make use of credit that’ll soon have a value of zero. If eligible, shoppers receive the credit instantly, and they can check online beforehand to see what amount Bed Bath & Beyond will exchange for a certain gift card. The credit’s usable both online and at retail Bed Bath & Beyond locations, but move fast — the offer ends at 11:59 p.m. E.T. sharp on Thursday, April 5.

Toys ‘R’ Us announced the widespread closures shortly after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last September to deal with its massive $8 billion debt. A dismal holiday shopping season lead to a plan to shutter a portion of U.S. stores, but that number quickly grew to encompass all locations. Toys ‘R’ Us has said that it will close its stores over time instead of all at once, but gift cards won’t be usable at any remaining location after April 21.