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There’s One Plane That Doesn’t Suck for Parents: The Toy Story Plane

Traveling with small Disney fiends just got way easier (for Chinese tourists).

Shanghai Disney Resort

Flying with kids is stressful. That’s a given. But Shanghai Disneyland and Eastern China Airlines have partnered together to make it slightly easier or, barring that, more fun with a Toy Story-themed plane. Not only is the plane adorned with a giant mural of Woody with his arms stretched out, but everything from the seats, to tray tables, to the overhead cabins, is Toy Story themed. Even the flight crew can be seen wearing mouse ears or some form of Disney swag.

As of right now, this particular plane only flies between Shanghai, where Disney has opened its first Toy Story themed park, and Beijing, China. It’s expected that the plane will eventually fly more routes, but only in China.

Shanghai Disney Resort

This isn’t the first time that an airline has elected to spice up one of their jets with popular cartoon imagery. In 2009 Alaska Airlines painted the outside of one of their planes with the crew from the Pixar franchise Cars. That particular effort was in conjunction with the Make-a-Wish foundation. Thai Smile, a subsidiary of Thai Airways, teamed up with Cartoon Network to make an Adventure Time plane. This last one might take the cake. In 2016, All Nippon Airways put three Star Wars themed jets into their fleet. All three have the Star Wars logo on the side. While two of them are BB-8 themed, the last one is covered in the same markings and designs as R2-D2.

Shanghai Disney Resort

Still, if traveling to China isn’t in the cards for you or your family right now, there’s still a way to get a Pixar fix. Toy Story Land will be opening up in Orlando on June 30th.