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One Mom’s Toy Story-Themed First Day of School Photo Is Going Viral, Breaking Hearts

Get ready to cry like your life is a real Pixar movie.

Disney Pixar

The sad part of Toy Story is that every kid grows up and leaves their toys behind. The sad part of parenthood is that every kid grows up and leaves their parents behind.

One mom cleverly captured that sadness is a Toy Story-inspired first day of school photo posted to a private Facebook group. Ashley M. took and posted the photo of her three-year-old daughter Hanna.

“I wanted to try getting them in a picture for her first day of school and this picture just sort of evolved,” she told Popsugar. “I’m not going to lie, it came out even better than I imagined!”

The picture puts Woody, Jessie, Slinky, Rex, and Buzz in the foreground, their backs to the camera, as Hanna, backpack in tow, walks out the door in the background.

The administrator of the private group reposted the photo to her public account, where it’s garnered hundreds of likes.

How sweet is this first day of school pic? 😭 <3 Ashley M. shared this in my Picture Play group.

Publicado por Jill Krause en Miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2019

The original Toy Story came out all the way back in 1995, but the way the sequels were released over a long period of time—Toy Story 4 hit theaters just a few months ago—has made the series important to kids from more than one generation, including Hanna.

We think this snap is worthy of the school photo hall of fame, alongside such classics as moms celebrate the first day of school with oversized glasses of wine, the before and after series we posted about yesterday, Photoshopped first day of school family, and “Because that was a crazy face!

And Hanna is only in preschool. We can only hope that Ashley ups the ante next year when her daughter enters elementary school.