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Town Raises $5K to Send Beloved Bus Driver to the Super Bowl

The lifelong Eagles fan was surprised by parents and kids at the last stop on his root.

An extremely well-liked bus driver received the gift of a lifetime when appreciative students and parents surprised him with a ticket to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play the New England Patriots on Superbowl Sunday.

Gary Kelmer has been driving kids to school in Mount Laurel, New Jersy for close to three decades. According to a report by People, the bus driver is heralded as one of the “‘coolest’ guys” by the local children. Kelmer is known for giving the kids he drives around candy each week and occasionally letting some of them talk through the bus’s intercom system. As it so happens, Kelmer is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and was looking forward to watching his team do battle with the Patriots.

After the Eagles earned a trip to the Superbowl, a local parent started a GoFundMe and raised more than $5,000 to buy Kelmer tickets and airfare. Parents and students waited until the last stop on his route to surprise him with two tickets to the big game. Kelmer was staggered by the gesture. “I’ve just made friends with so many families in Mount Laurel. I’ve touched so many hearts and so many hearts have touched me,” Kelmer said. “The words don’t say enough.”

Kelner will be heading to the big game on Sunday with his wife, with whom he recently celebrated a 30 year anniversary.