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Top Rookie Running Back Is Living With His Parents to Save Money

It's a growing trend among millennials.


Denver Broncos’ running back Phillip Lindsay still lives at home with parents Troy and Diane, despite his first-year success in the National Football League (NFL). In a recent interview with 9News, the rookie, who is currently ranked 8th in the NFL for rushing yards, revealed that he sleeps in his downstairs childhood bedroom to save money.

“I’m being smart right now. I did go undrafted so it’s about saving money and being smart with your money right now,” explained Lindsay, who went to South High School in Denver as a teen and then stayed local to play for the University of Colorado. Despite receiving the third-highest signing bonus at $15,000 (behind Jamal Carter and Lerentee McCray), the 24-year-old’s paycheck as an undrafted player still doesn’t compare to the million-dollar bonuses that drafted rookies are awarded.

And Lindsay isn’t the only 20-something still crashing with Mom and Dad. According to a Zillow report, more and more millennials are choosing to live at home for longer. In fact, using data from the U.S. Census, the real estate company found that almost one in four people between the ages of 24 and 36 live with their parents, due primarily to financial factors like high student loan debt and increasing housing costs.

Like many millennials, Lindsay’s decision to live rent-free is mostly driven by cost-savings. But dad Troy also shares that it’s not necessarily a sacrifice for the running back, who’s one of the top candidates for Offensive Rookie of the Year. “Phillip is this tough guy, but he’s still a mamma’s baby. He’ll lay down at home and she’ll rub all that hair of his. Then me and him will just talk about everything. Anywhere from money to girls to whatever, we’re a real close family all the way around.”