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The Release Date for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Has Been Pushed Back a Year

The need for speed is no match for production delays due to “extensive visual effects work and complicated flight scenes.”


Since it was officially announced, Top Gun: Maverick has been one of the most anticipated movies of 2019. However, Tom Cruise fans will have to replace their need for speed with the need for patience, as the film’s release date has been pushed back to June 2020 due to production delays. It’s not uncommon for big budget blockbusters to push back the release date a couple of months but Maverick‘s delay is nearly a full year after the original release date, as the film was slated to be released July 2019.

After filming for two days back in May, the highly-anticipated sequel was planning to resume filming in September. However, it is now being reported that filming won’t start up again until sometime next yearAccording to Paramount, “extensive visual effects work and complicated flight scenes” are to blame for the production delay. Not to mention the fact that Tom Cruise had to take a break from filming the movie to do a press tour for Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Despite the delay, there’s still a ton to be excited about for the upcoming sequel, including Maverick‘s star-studded cast. Last week it was announced that John Hamm (Mad Men) and Ed Harris (Westworld) had signed on to join the already stacked cast in unknown roles. Additionally, Val Kilmer agreed to reprise his role as Iceman for the sequel and Miles Teller has been cast as the son of Goose, Maverick’s co-pilot who died in the original film.

Kilmer and Cruise aren’t the only two people who worked on the original who are now involved in the sequel. Jerry Bruckheimer is returning to produce the film and Harold Faltermeyer, the man who scored the first film are coming back as well. Yes, the delay is frustrating, but it’s really only evidence that they’re trying to make a movie that could live up to the original and hopefully, the wait will prove to be worth it.