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“Tooth Fairies” Talk Close Calls With Their Kids On Reddit, And It’s Too Cute

Every parent has at least one tooth fairy fail story, right?

Ask any parent and they can probably share a story of their kid almost finding out the truth about these mystical parts of childhood from Santa to the Easter Bunny. The tooth fairy is absolutely on that list — at least due to the extremely close quarters parents have to operate in to bring their kid a dollar. All it takes is one underfoot LEGO in the dark and an errant curse word to let the myth of the tooth fairy disappear forever. It happens to the best of us, and we all have at least one story of a close tooth-fairy call.

A Reddit user wanted to hear stories from parents – we mean “tooth fairies” – about close calls they had with the kids, almost finding out who they were. “‘Tooth fairies’ of Reddit: how do you do it without waking the kiddos?” they asked, specifically wondering if anyone had funny stories to share. And the people of Reddit did.

For Bananapeel62, their child tried to trick the tooth fairy, only to be outwitted. “Once, my son got the bright idea to con the tooth fairy. He made playdoh teeth and left them,” they shared. Adding, their kid didn’t realize their massive mistake. Bananapeel62 continued, “As he was totally naïve about this, he shared his plan with me. He anticipated untold riches! However, the fake teeth only yielded fake money – chocolate coins in gold-colored foil!”

CataractsOfSamsMum decided they needed to protect their kid from a close call from happening in the first place. So, they made up a little white lie. Writing, “One of mine lost a tooth on Christmas Eve. We told her if the Tooth Fairy and Santa bumped into each other, we would all be sucked into an alternative dimension, so she had to stay quiet in bed no matter what.”

Lolothescrub made a big mistake, but it was in their kid’s best interest. One time, they “accidentally left a 20 under the pillow.” Some gift!

Every parent will inevitably forget the tooth fairy at some point. Thinking on the spot for why they never visited a crying child is tough work, and taxdude1966 thought they dodged the bullet. Explaining, “So one time daughter’s tooth fell out, and the tooth fairy completely forgot that night. She was upset, but her mom explained that sometimes the tooth fairy gets busy and she will Come the next night – which will all be good because she will pay an extra 50c to make up for being late. This satisfied my daughter.” That’s thinking on your feet, except it backfired. “About three months later, my daughter announces that she lost another tooth a month ago, that it has been under her pillow for a month, and the tooth fairy clearly owes her $15.”

Another hilarious story comes from Danivelle, who answered when their kid asked if they were the tooth fairy. “My youngest had the idea that the tooth fairy wears a blue sparkly dress. He would ask me if I was the tooth fairy, so I let him look through my closets. No blue sparkly dress,” she said. Continuing, she explained, “next summer was my parents ‘turn’ for a visit, and what does my son find in my mama’s closet? A blue sparkly dress! Grandma’s the tooth fairy!”

Eventually, every child finds out the truth about the tooth fairy and other mystical things like Santa and the Easter bunny. But the great lengths parents will forever go to in order to keep that magic alive for as long as possible is one of the loveliest parts of parenting.