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‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ Is Getting the Remaster It Deserves

It's time to rediscover your inner sk8er boi.

Tony Hawk‘s Pro Skater’s well-designed levels, easy-to-pick up gameplay, and stellar soundtrack made it one of the best video game series of the early aughts. And now, the first two titles — arguably the best in the entire franchise — are getting the remaster treatment they richly deserve.

Game studio Victorious Visions is remastering THPS and THPS 2 for a single package that also adds new features like online play and a better course builder. The two-decade-old visuals will get a major update, but the original levels will be there, and you’ll be able to explore them as Tony Hawk and the same roster of the best skateboarders of that early X Games era, names like Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, and Steve Caballero.

The only slight bummer is that not every song from the original soundtracks made the cut, due to licensing issues. It’s great that the “vast majority” did, but it’s still too bad that we won’t get the full complement of songs.

What we are excited about is the packaging of both games together and the somewhat novel way the remaster is going to be structured.

“We didn’t want the game to be ‘Okay, you play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1, and then play THPS2 and start over from scratch,’ just like you would have if you bought the games back in the day,” Vicarious Visions COO Simon Ebejer told The Verge. “The meta that sits over top of everything allows players to not feel like they’re losing progress by playing either one of the games.”

The remastered edition of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and its sequel will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4.