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Tom Hanks Reading Nice Tweets Out Loud Will Restore Your Faith in The World

“Bravo! That’s a nice thing to do!”

Credit: Twitter / @TwitterMovies

When you’re a celebrity, social media can be a good thing, and it can be very, very cruel. People can now send a quick Tweet to any celebrity to let them know how they feel when they messed up, and it’s rarely nice. It’s so common to hate on a star via social media that there have been late-night segments dedicated to just that. Despite it all, one celebrity rises above the rest, and it’s impossible to hate him. That’s why Tom Hanks was tasked with reading nice Tweets out loud, and it’s straight-up gold.

In a video posted on Wednesday just before Thanksgiving, the 63-year-old actor sat down with Twitter Movies to read through some of the sweetest tweets they were able to collect. It’s the perfect pairing for the season of giving thanks, and Hanks did not disappoint in highlighting that there is kindness in this world.

The first tweet he read was from a former McDonald’s employee who shared that during the 2 and a half years he worked with the company, he would always make sure the 10-piece chicken nugget meal had one extra piece of chicken in each order.

“That is a man who’s not only being nice, but he’s feeding the world a little bit better,” Hanks said after he read the tweet. “And [he’s] bucking the corporate strategy. Bravo! That’s a nice thing to do!”

Each tweet he read has a wonderful and quirky story to it, and it is an excellent reprieve from hate tweets that do make us laugh but leaves us feeling a little doubtful about the people in the world.

The final tweet Hanks read came from a person named Sana, who shared the story of a gesture from a fellow student.  “Told this guy who sits next to me in dental class about how I skip lunch just to get to class on time and the next day he pulls out a hot chicken shawarma out of his bag for me saying he doesn’t want me to be hungry is he in love with me yes or no.”

The Twitter movie definitely resonated with people who asked that this become a regular thing and pointed out that “Mr. Rogers would be proud.”