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Tom Hanks Has Called Out Every American Who Isn’t Wearing a Mask

This isn't the first time he has spoken out about the issue.

Tom Hanks, otherwise known as America’s dad and one of the first known celebrities to come down with Coronavirus way back in March when he was in Australia with his wife, Rita Wilson, recently stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to admonish Americans who have been refusing, for some reason, to wear a damn mask. While Hanks was presumably stopping by the show in order to promote his new movie, Greyhound, which had to skip theatrical release and is available to stream on AppleTV+, the interview managed to drift over into the concerns of COVID-19 and about how Hanks feels about people who don’t wear masks.

After Colbert asked him how he did really feel, Hanks responded: “Are they Americans? I don’t get it,” seeming to question the patriotism of folks who won’t wear masks in order to help others. “It’s literally the least you can do,” he added, mentioning that wearing a mask, washing your hands, and trying to stand at least six feet apart from others isn’t too big of an ask of a human being. “Is this impossible now?” For someone who was an early sufferer of the virus, it’s easy to see why he might be frustrated by people refusing to do their part — especially since he knows what it’s like to go through having the virus and recovering from it. 

But a few weeks ago, he had even harsher words for those who refused to wear a mask. When doing the press junket to promote Greyhound, he even used a bad word to describe those who won’t wear masks. “I just think shame on you… Don’t be a p****,” he said, shocking America, not because he’s wrong, but because it’s hard to hear America’s dad use the P word sometimes.