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Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers: Best Twitter Takes on ‘Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’

Everyone is crying.

The trailer for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood just dropped and the internet, thick with fans of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Tom Hanks‘ everything, is losing its mind over the biopic. And while there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the movie, the main reason has to be the leading man Steven Spielberg famously calls “The Great Exalted One,” who seems to do a perfect job channeling the kind and gentle spirit of PBS legend and extremely awesome dude Fred Rogers without going all schmaltzy with it.

Naturally, people decided to head online to share their feelings about Hanks portrayal of Rogers and so we decided to round-up some of our favorite reactions to Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers on Twitter. To the surprise of no one, most of them revolve around people trying to get through the emotional trailer without emptying out their tear ducts (obviously, they all failed). So grab a box of tissues and start reading, as even reading about the movie may cause you to start crying.

Seriously, there was a lot of crying.

Have we mentioned the trailer made people cry?

Fortunately, author Roxane Gay reminded all of us that Rogers taught most of us that there’s no shame in bursting into tears on a Monday morning.

Queer Eye‘s Karamo was excited as the rest of us, as he declared Rogers as a personal hero.

Once people were done crying, they mostly pointed out how much Hanks nailed the essence of the iconic kid’s TV host.

And many fans pointed out that the performance would surely generate some Oscar buzz for Hanks.

One fan even pointed out that Hanks unintentionally foreshadowed this role over three decades ago.

This caused some to wonder if we could be looking at a movie universe comprised of different heroes Hanks has played over his career.

One thing is for sure, we are already excited to head to the theater and see this opening weekend.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood comes to theaters November 22, 2019.