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Tom Brady Hangs Up on Radio Hosts Who Insulted His Daughter

Boston sportscasters aren't renowned for their tact. Turned out Tom Brady draws the line at jokes about his kids.

When a football player has five Super Bowl rings and is heading back to the big dance at the age of 40, he doesn’t really have to take crap from anyone. But Tom Brady does, routinely. Despite his team’s reputation for dissing and dismissing the media, Brady has made a tradition of going on WEEI sports radio for years — this despite the fact that some of the station’s hosts are (let’s put this gently) strategically coarse. Brady finally had enough on Monday when he hung up after hearing that Alex Reimer, an employee at the radio station, had accused his 5-year old daughter of being “an annoying little pissant.”

The comments were made during a separate segment about the series Tom vs. Time, a Facebook documentary about Brady’s efforts too prolong his already very long career that provides a glimpse into his home life with supermodel and entrepreneur Gisele Bundchen. Brady spends part of the series talking about the sacrifice he makes to play football, spending time away from his wife and three children. His children also show up and one of these appearances apparently angered Reimer, a freelance writer and fulminator in his twenties. 

Given the nature of Reimer’s remarks, Brady would have been well within his rights to get furious and mouth off while on the “Kirk & Callahan Show.” Instead, Brady said that he’d previously shown the station “a lot of respect” before calling the comments “disappointing.” He put a pin in it by stating simply that, “My daughter, or any child, they certainly do[es]n’t deserve that.” Then he hung up. It was basically a master class in handling Boston sports media, which can make a narrative out of a mole hill at speed. 

One of the show hosts, Kirk Minihane, has since apologized to Brady and the station has suspended Reimer. Brady has announced that he isn’t sure whether he’ll ever go on the show again. His daughter has continued to be a 5-year-old kid.