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Tom Brady Endorses His Son’s Brutally Unsentimental Fantasy Football Strategy

This probably cut deeper than anyone would admit.

Before suffering a difficult loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday’s Super Bowl, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady admitted in a pregame interview that his 10-year-old son Jack had picked Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton over him in his Fantasy Football draft. While some players might have been stung by their kid’s rebuke, Brady, who’s clearly played fantasy football before, didn’t seem to take it personally.

In fact, in an interview with NBC’s Dan Patrick, Brady jokingly mimicked his son making excuses for not taking his old man: “‘Oh dad, yeah I tried to pick you but, you know, Cam Newton was there so I had to pick Cam.” Brady added, “I’m like, ‘I don’t blame you, I’d pick Cam Newton, too.’” 

For all intents and purposes, Jack made the right choice. But it was close. According to ESPN’s final fantasy football standings, Brady threw 10 more touchdowns and eight fewer picks than Newton this season, but finished just behind Cam in overall fantasy points, 299 to 295. Largely due to Newton’s yardage on the ground. Have you ever seen Brady run? Newton was the second-ranked QB in the league, Brady number three. But both trailed Russell Wilson who finished with 347 points in standard scoring leagues. 

That said, Jack did pass up one inherent advantage by not drafting his dad. He would have always had an accurate read on the Patriots’ injury report and known exactly when to bench Tom and play Nick Foles instead. Too soon?