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Tom Brady’s Adorable Daughter Was the Real Super Bowl MVP

Fans have spoken.

Getty Images

Tom Brady may have won last night’s Super Bowl with the New England Patriots’ 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams but it was his daughter Vivian who won the postgame show with her infectious enthusiasm.

In a video shared to Twitter, Brady holds his six-year-old on his hip as he talks to CBS’s Jim Nantz. The whole time, a grinning Vivian plays with the red, blue, and silver confetti raining over Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

As she throws her hands up in celebration of her dad’s sixth Super Bowl victory, the young girl’s excited shouts are even so loud that Nantz’s interview questions are almost impossible to hear.

Joined by mom Gisele Bundchen and brothers, Jack, 11, and Benjamin, nine, Vivian also tries to take the Lombardi right out of Brady’s hands, raising it high in the air with the 41-year-old’s help. Her huge smile, which Brady returns, never once leaves her face.

Fans are loving Vivian’s energy, calling her “the real MVP” of last night’s big game, which, as the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history, wasn’t as exciting as many had hoped.

Referencing the less-than-thrilling match-up, one person even tweeted, “Tom Brady’s daughter is like 100x more entertaining than this game was.”

And Vivian’s enthusiastic reaction isn’t surprising, given what Brady has said in the past about how much his daughter loves cheering him on. In a recent press appearance, the 41-year-old explained, “V, she’s the little cheerleader. She’ll tell me, ‘Daddy, did you hear me? I said go, Daddy, go!'”