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T.J. Oshie Gives Emotional Interview About His Dad After Stanley Cup Win

"This one will stick with him forever."

Getty Images

Last night, the Washington Capitals beat the Las Vegas Knights 4-3  to win their first ever Stanley Cup. It was an emotional experience for everyone on the team, but right wing T.J. Oshie attached some extra meaning to the championship. His father suffers from Alzheimer’s, and Oshie was on the verge of tears as he spoke about him during a post-game interview.

“My dad doesn’t remember a lot of stuff these days,” Oshie said. “He remembers enough. But I’ll tell you what, he’s here tonight… This one will stick with him forever. You can guarantee that.”

According to the Washington Post, Oshie’s father Tim was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2012 at 50-years-old. And while the disease has prevented him traveling as much as he used to, he made the trek to Las Vegas to watch his son hoist the legendary Stanley Cup.

“To have him here is amazing,” Oshie told reporters Thursday night. “He doesn’t travel very well. I’ve been trying to find a good way to get him out to the playoffs. It was kind of the perfect storm to get him in with my aunt and sister from Seattle.”

Oshie shares a special bond with his dad, as he says his old man is responsible for helping him fall in love with hockey as a kid. In fact, TJ’s nickname for his dad growing up was “Coach,” as Tim often coached his son in his early hockey career.

Later in the evening, Oshie was able to celebrate with his dad, as the father and son were photographed hugging on the ice shortly after Oshie’s moving interview.