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Tiger Woods Made Dad History When He Hugged His Son. Here’s Why

Tiger hugged his son after winning the 2019 Masters just as he'd hugged his dad after winning in 1997.


Tiger Woods won the Masters over the weekend. But, the real news is that hug he shared with his ten-year-old son, Charlie. It was an endearing and relatable moment, but what made it so significant was the fact that it also completed a family circle. Back in 1997, Tiger had the exact same hug with his father.

When Tiger Woods first picked up a golf club at the age of five, it was because his father handed it to him. Earl Woods was his son’s only coach for much of his childhood, and he was a constant presence as Tiger became the most dominant golfer in the world. Earl was there when Tiger sank the putt that won him the 1997 Masters—his first major championship. Tiger walked across the green and give him a hug that instantly became one of golf’s iconic images. It was the start of a historic run followed by years of tabloid scandal, addiction, knee and back injuries, multiple surgeries and frustrated attempts at comebacks.

It felt like Tiger would never win another major, but twenty-two years two days and after that first green jacket, Woods found himself on the same spot in the same situation on Sunday. Wearing his trademark red shirt, black pants, and black hat—the same outfit he’d worn in 1997—he tapped in for the win.

Sadly, when Tiger won on Sunday, he couldn’t give his dad a hug. Earl died in 2006 when his son’s career was near its apex. That was two years before Tiger won the U.S. Open in 2008, his last major championship until Sunday’s win at Augusta.

But, his own son Charlie was there. The ten-year-old — who wasn’t yet born when his dad last won a major championship — ran up and embraced him in a hug just as meaningful as the one Tiger shared with his dad years ago.

It was an emotional moment, and plenty of people on Twitter shared their reactions.

For others, Tiger’s win provided a moment to reflect on their own lives.

Tiger’s comeback is one of the great moments in sports history, but it’s also a moment in father-son history, too.