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Everything You Need to Know This Week If You’re a Parent

This week in parenting, a sports scientist invented a collar that might save football-playing kids from concussions, and another father set the world record for the half marathon, pushing a stroller. The NSA might be spying on you through your dishwasher, so they’d be there at the exact moment your kid will ask you for a puppy (which science just figured out). Also, if you’re fat, your sperm knows it and is going to tell your unborn baby. Fortunately, some other guy figured out how to lose 100 pounds eating pizza every day. Speaking of which, there’s also a wine-pairing chart for your Girl Scouts cookies (but you probably have that on lock already).

The Key To Concussion-Free Football For Your Kid Isn’t A Better Helmet — It’s A Better Collar
The problem with helmets is that they’re great at preventing cranial fractures but are pretty ineffective at stopping the brain from bouncing off the inside of the skull — which is what actually causes a concussion. A collar, being developed by the former team doctor for the Pittsburgh Steelers, promises to provide a solution by applying “gentle compression” to the jugular vein, which slightly reduces the flow of blood down to the heart. That increases the amount of blood in the brain case and softens the blow.

Calum Neff Sets World RecordFacebook: Calum Neff

This Guy Just Set The World Record For A Half Marathon With A Jogging Stroller
Calum Neff just set a world record for pushing a stroller in a half marathon — the Canadian-by-way-of-Texas (and his 11-month old daughter) ran the 13.1 miles in 1:11:27. To put that in perspective, his time is just 6 minutes off the pace it would require to make the Olympic marathon team, and Olympic marathoners aren’t pushing squat.

How To Hack Date Night By Pairing Wine And Girl Scout Cookies
To help you win a date night with nothing but what’s in the wine rack and the Girl Scout cookies in your cabinet, here are some pairing suggestions worth considering. Girl Scout season starts in 2 weeks, so make some notes before placing your order and remember Thin Mints don’t go with wine.

Take 100 Pounds Off Your DadBod By Eating Pizza Every Day
New York City chef Pascuale Cozzolino decided that 370 pounds was a little much, so he set out to get fit — by making himself a pizza every day. The trick is to make your own dough, top it with nothing but crushed tomatoes, fresh mozz and basil and you have yourself a 600 calorie lunch. He lost over 100 pounds — and has the before and after photos to prove it.

Cozzolino lost 100 pounds on a pizza dietNew York Post: Brian Zak

This Is The Age When You Can Expect Your Kid To Demand A Puppy
A study recently published in Frontiers In Psychology looked to build on the generally accepted theory that adults are drawn to faces — human, animal, it don’t matter — with baby-like features, and as with adults, cute wins the day with kids. This makes evolutionary sense, cute gets taken care of, but it also means you’re probably going to have to buy your kid a puppy between the age of 3 and 6 years old.

The Unexpected Effect Step Or Half Siblings Can Have On Your Kid’s Behavior
New research from the University of Michigan Institute For Social Research takes a closer look at the effect of the presence of a step or half-sibling on childhood behavior, because prior to kindergarten, these siblings are who most kids spend most of their time with. For some reason this hadn’t been done before, and the results are less than warm and cuddly.

Why Your Sperm Might Make Your Kid Fat
A new epigenetics study out of Cambridge looked at men’s sperm for epigenetic differences based on their weight. The researchers found over 9,000 genes in their sperm that differed. That information is heritable and will likely dictate to some degree how fat or skinny your offspring is. Which is one more reason you can use to get your ass in shape.

Read This Letter A Mom Just Gave Her Son 20 Years After He Wrote It
A 9 year old wrote a letter to his future 29 year old self, who just posted it on Reddit. Christopher didn’t get everything right — there are no robot policemen or flying cars — but he nailed a few things, like his Super Bowl predictions.


How The U.S. Security Agencies Are Going To Spy On You Through Your Appliances
You’ve known for a while now that Barbie is trawling for your child’s personal information and listening to everything you say. So maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear the director of US Intelligence admit that he is pretty excited about all the “smart” things that you now own. Which pretty much means that the Feds are totally capable of using your refrigerator to spy on you.

Your 5-Second Food On The Floor Rule, Endorsed By A NASA Scientist
The 5-Second Rule is a real thing and a NASA engineer explains that for bacteria to hitch a ride on dropped food they need a perfect storm of moisture, exposed surface area, and time. He says it’s more of a 30 Second Moisture And Surface Rule. Hopefully your wife will understand.