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This Viral Dinosaur Thread Is Essential Read For Parents and Kids

Do you know all these awesome dino facts?

Hey Jurassic World fans, what’s better than learning new dinosaur facts? Sharing ‘em with your kids, of course! Dinosaur Reddit became rife with awesome, weird, and sometimes downright surprising dino tidbits over the weekend after someone posted a r/AskReddit thread with a question lots of kids and parents can get behind.

“What’s a cool fact about dinosaurs you know?” To be honest, the internet is at its best when it gives folks a platform to share their favorite nuggets of dinosaur knowledge with the world, so these types of internet treats are rare and enjoyed. May we suggest reading these with your dinosaur-obsessed kid? You never know, these fun facts could inspire a virtual trip to a natural history museum or a new dino book that they’ll be clamoring to read up on. Here are some of our favorite facts that we gleaned from the forum. 

It turns out that the “roar” that many associate with the T-Rex is actually more of a… low growl. And we’re not sure which is scarier. Redditor u/jerrythecactus wrote, “Scientists have studied the nasal and throat structure of the tyrannosaurus rex and as it turns out it was completely incapable of vocalizing a roar like those seen in movies, rather they would have made deep growling noises similar to alligators.”

To add to this, u/odezia shared a video from the YouTube channel Unexplained Mysteries that seems to show what the T-Rex actually sounded like, and it’s absolutely bone-chilling. Here’s the video, below: 

Another post shows how one parent learned a lot about dinosaurs based on watching TV series like Dino Dan and Dino Dana with their kid, particularly when it came to the contested question of whether dinosaurs had feathers or not.  Redditor u/MissZT wrote, My son is 2.5 yrs old and a dinosaur expert. He loves watching Dino Dan and Dino Dana (as well as jurassic world and every other dino show available).”

They added, “I was wondering why the T-Rex in Dino Dan had feathers and the one in Dino Dana didn’t. After watching your video I looked up the release dates of each show and it fits with the timeline of T-Rex’s appearance noted in the video. Dino Dan released in 2007 and had a feathered T-Rex, while Dino Dana released in 2017 and had no feathers/more earthly tone skin. U/MissZT concluded, “I’m glad his shows are keeping up with real science! We learn a lot watching them together.” 

U/Down-the-Hall- shared a surprising and tactile fact about dino fossils, but we definitely wouldn’t suggest trying this at home. They wrote, “When you are looking for dinosaur bones you can tell the difference between a fossil and a rock by touching your tongue to it. If it ‘sticks’ a bit and kinda sucks back it is porous and probably bone.” Uh, gross.

And for any Aussies out there, u/80s90sGeek shared a surprising tidbit about a species of dinosaur that ended up being named after an Australian airport. U/80s90sGeek wrote, “There’s a dinosaur that was discovered in Australia near a Qantas airport, so they named it Qantassaurus.” The more you know!