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This Map Shows How Much Your State Is Spending To Educate Your Kid

Public schools aren’t free, according to a National Center for Educational Statistics report out last month, even though they’re getting less money for the fourth year in a row. In fact, they cost about $606.5 billion in 2013, a bill that’s covered primarily through state and property taxes, with the Feds kicking in 8 percent because they’re good like that (or, you know, not, depending on your politics). Whatever balance exists is extracted from your account one way or another (usually property taxes), but rarely in a way that transparently answers the question: How much does my state spend on education?

Map Of School Expenditures By StateNCES

This map has the answer. At the top of the spending food chain are New York, New Jersey, Alaska, Connecticut, and Vermont, at over $17,200 per student, while Utah brings up the rear at only $6,432 per kid. Unfortunately, the report isn’t bold enough to map school performance to expenditures, so it can’t answer the question of whether those states are getting what they pay for … but if you have kids in public school, you probably can.

[H/T] NCES Blog