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This UK Dad Found Out His Old Pokemon Cards Are Worth 44K Now — Maybe More

Lucky find!


Do you ever stumble upon a memento from your childhood and discover that it is worth nearly $50,000? No? Well, this lucky guy did. Nigel Brookes had all but forgotten about the collection of Pokémon cards that his mom gifted him when he was young. Now, two decades later, he discovers that they’re worth around $44,000, and he plans to use that money to help give his young children “a really special childhood” of their own, according to a LadBible story. 

Brookes recalls the cards’ origin story. When he was a kid himself, Brookes said, “I wasn’t actually that interested in Pokémon.” But one day, he noticed that his brother was being taken advantage of by kids in his neighborhoodhe was being tricked into trading for less valuable cardsand he stood up for his brother. As a reward, Brookes’ mom bought him a presentation case of rare cards, a total of 103 cards in perfect condition, which she paid around $380 for at the time. You might think that this is an exceptionally nice present, but Brookes was somehow dissatisfied with the cards, “I was disappointed at the time because the collection was one of my birthday presents so to me it was a waste of a present.” 

Well, he’s not disappointed now! The collection is going to be auctioned off at the end of July, and is expecting to bring in up to $44,000, but who knows what could happen? They could go for more because the collection is a “Holy Grail” item. In the end, he did have to pass on one buyer, his young daughter, who offered to pay him around $7 for the collection, since she’s an avid Pokémon fan. 

So, folks, I bet you wish you kept your old Pokémon cards in pristine condition, or that your mom gifted you a rare collection set when you were a kid?