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This Toddler Whisperer Knows How to Prevent the Next Trump Tantrum

What does a tempestuous have in common with a toddler? A lot!

Parents of toddlers know that when a kid is having a meltdown, one of the hardest things to do can be to try and move them from one location to another. Whether you’re trying to get to an appointment on time, or simply hoping to encourage your toddler to go to the bathroom before a car ride, there are a variety of strategies parents and child development experts employ to cajole grumpy kids into doing what they’re supposed to do.

Recently, at least one child-development expert has applied this same kind of thinking to President Trump. Although the GSA has recently certified President-elect Joe Biden as the “apparent winner,” and Trump claims to be cooperating with that process, he’s still throwing a hissy-fit. Yes, Joe Biden can have some of that transition money, but no, he’s not going to say sorry, not now, not EVER!

While legal scholars and historians debate about the possible scenarios of how the next few months will go down, another type of expert is weighing in on Trump’s petulant behavior: Toddler Whisperers.

In a new story published by The Boston Globe, several experts were surveyed about what might be done to get Trump out of the White House on January 20, 2021, if he refuses to leave. In addition to an animal control officer, and a hostage negotiator, the Globe also got some input from Kim Warrington, owner of Kim’s Kid Kare. Her point is something parents are used to hearing: “With any transition, I give warnings of the change, a few minutes ahead of time. In five minutes, it will be time to pick up the blocks and go.”

On a larger scale, this is arguably playing out for Trump now. Several politicians and officials — Republicans and Democrats alike — have warned Trump the transition is coming. In less than two months, it will be time to pick up the blocks and go. But, Warrington makes another point that will be familiar to parents who have weathered a tantrum or two: “If there is not a choice, I do not ask.”

It seems reasonable, that perhaps, Trump never had boundaries set for him about choices when he was a toddler. In fact, noted children’s author Lois Lowry mentioned this exact idea to Fatherly back in 2018. When we interviewed her about her wonderful books and thoughts on ethics and morality, the author of the Giver said: “We learn from earliest infancy to put restraints on the bad instincts which we all have. And if you don’t learn that, as it seems Donald Trump did not, you grow up without any feelings of guilt or shame.”

Hopefully, come January, Trump won’t make a scene at the White House. But then again, it all might depend on who’s there to pick him up, and what he’s been told ahead of time.