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This Toddler Hilariously Tried to Use a Push-Up Bra for Nursing

Girl's gotta eat.

Erika Baudendistel/Facebook

A hungry toddler was caught on camera trying to nurse from push-up bras hanging in the lingerie section of a Dayton, Ohio Walmart. In the video that’s going viral on Facebook, mom Erika Baudendistel watches as her 14-month-old daughter, Emmy, chomps down on a nude 38C bra in the middle of the store.

“What are you doing?” Baudendistel asks, laughing. “That’s not me. There’s no food in there.” When the toddler continues nuzzling the bra, her mom then asks, “Emmy, where’s the boobie?” and the girl points to the rack, earning a few laughs from nearby shoppers. It’s clear that she is hoping that she can grab a quick snack at the store and can’t seem to figure out why the bra isn’t feeding her.

Baudenistel told Inside Edition, “She just happened to walk up and start touching ‘em, poking ’em, and I thought she was gonna yank it right off like she normally does and then she went for it.”

When You Are Hungry And Will Eat Anything

When you're hungry and anything will do… 😋😂

Posted by Happily on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Titled “When You Are Hungry and Will Eat Anything,” the video, which was posted October 23, has over 14 million views and almost 170,000 shares on Facebook alone. Most of the comments are from fellow parents, who say they can definitely relate to their own kids mistaking empty bras for their moms.

And little Emmy was convinced the bra hanging on the rack was the real deal. “When I asked her, she’s like, ‘Yup! Those are boobies!” Baudenistel said. “I was like, ‘All right, well, that’s what you think that is so…'”