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This Super Mom Performed CPR On Her Newborn While Still in Labor With Triplets

"I don't think you have any choice. You just do it."


If there was ever any doubt that moms are total superheroes, just keep reading. When Danielle Johnston went into labor with triplets last month, she sprung into action after realizing one of her babies wasn’t breathing. Johnston ultimately saved her daughter’s life with a heroic act that proves a mother’s instincts are no joke.

On July 16th, the mother of seven began feeling contractions at home in Saskatchewan, Canada. An ambulance was called, but the family was told it would take 45 minutes to arrive. In that time, Johnston gave birth to the first of her three triplets, a baby girl who she named Karlee. But Johnston quickly noticed that Karlee wasn’t breathing and began to give her CPR – while still fighting contractions and preparing to birth her other two babies.

Medics eventually arrived and took Johnston to the hospital where she delivered two baby boys (Jack and Liam) by C-section. All three of her babies are still in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where they continue to do well and will likely be taken off their feeding tubes soon. Of her terrifying experience before getting to the hospital, the mother told HuffPost Canada: “I don’t think you have any choice. You just do it.”

Johnston’s actions, while completely heroic, aren’t that surprising, given that she saved her daughter Kate’s life years earlier. According to the Weyburn Review, the mom reportedly used CPR to rescue Kate after she got buried in sand at 10 months. Somebody give this woman a medal, please.