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Meet SpotMini, The Robot Dog That Might Take Over Your House

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics, the robotic company that brought you ATLAS (a robot who will fight you), has created the SpotMini, a robotic dog that will do most of the chores your kid sucks at.

The 65-pound robot can duck beneath tables, climb steps, load the dishwasher, throw out trash, and even bring you a beer (so go ahead and give up on that motorized beer cart you’ve failed to assemble in the garage). A fully charged SpotMini runs for 90 minutes, and because it doesn’t use any hydraulics, it’s significantly quieter than similarly capable robots or children. Really, it’s biggest weakness is apparently slipping on banana peels, so someone is going to have to keep picking those up around the house.

This Robot Dog Will Help You Around The House

Boston Dynamics has no current plans to make SpotMini available to consumers, which is perhaps part of the reason parent company Google recently put it up for sale. But if this looks like a way better pet than that chihuahua your kid was trying to talk you into, take heart: Amazon is rumored to be interested in Boston Dynamics. Maybe the company wants to replace its warehouse staffs with fleets of ATLAS bots … or maybe it’s going to open the world’s largest robotic pet shop! If that happens, you can probably get a SpotMini delivered, same day. By drone.

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