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Finally, Your Kids Can Play With A Doll That Celebrates Your Dadbod

It might be time to hold off on that all-water, all-pizza diet you’ve been following to get rid of the dadbod, because a new doll might convince your kids that dadbods are the coolest bods of all. Lammily, which was making realistic-looking Barbies before Barbie was making them, just came out with the equivalent for boys.

Named simply Boy Lammily (because “Ken” was apparently taken), the only 6-pack sold with this doll has to be purchased separately at the corner store. Instead, Boy Lammily comes entirely unshredded, with minimal muscle tone, a disheveled shirt, and an inexplicable lack of nipples. To be fair, it’s more of a teen dadbod than whatever you’re sporting around the torso area, as Boy Lammily is modeled on average proportions of 19-year-old men, as determined by researchers at the University Of Michigan. If you can get over your ageism about that, he can be pre-ordered for $25 — a fraction of your pizza budget.

[youtube expand=1]

Boy Lammily is no doubt a big relief for fans of Lyst’s Dadbod Ken, which briefly blew up the internet a few weeks ago before everyone realized it was more of an art project than a product. Of course, as with all things progressive, the Danish are way out in front of everyone on the issue. If you don’t want your kid idealizing a body shape you’re determined to get rid of, pick them up the stroller-pushing, hipster LEGO dad instead.

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