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This Organization Helped Kids With Disabilities Experience Zero Gravity

And it looks like they took the flight of a lifetime.

Reves de Gosse is a French organization that has spent over two decades bringing differently abled and abled children together in leadership and team-building roles. This week, it sent a group of them to space. Almost.

A few days ago, the organization released a video of an extraordinary event it organized during which a group of kids got to experience the magic of zero-gravity flight. And it’s a joy to watch. As the kids experience antigravity, volunteers help them do forward flips, back flips, dance, and play ball. Some of them look scared, some of them can’t stop smiling. But most of all, they all look to be experiencing the flight of a lifetime. And most importantly, they experience it together, as different people with different experiences. The bonds of gravity lift from their bodies, and for a moment, they all float the same way.

Since its inception in 1996, Reves de Gosse has maintained a singular mission: bring kids together of all different faculties — neurotypical, a-neurotypical, physically disabled, or not — in order to teach children that, despite outward appearances, they can all learn to “appreciate each other.” From the video, it seems to be working. The organization’s programs traditionally end with a trip around France called “The Airplane Tour,” where the kids get to explore the country and experience things they may never have seen before. This year, they got a real treat. And after watching the video, you could say we did too.