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This Nerf Gun Screams When You Shoot It

Talk about fun. And annoying.

Hacksmith Industries/YouTube

Ever wanted a Nerf gun that screams when you shoot it? Well, even if you’ve never had that thought or those words be strung together in your mind in the same sentence, thanks to a new video from Hacksmith Industries on YouTube, a Nerf gun that screams every time you fire it is what you’ll get. 

The funny 12-minute video kicks off with a plan to replicate a screaming gun from the video game Borderlands 2. If you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re not a teenage boy, Borderlands 2 is a video game on Steam and a number of other consoles and a first-person shooter game that is wildly popular and includes a gun that screams, well, every time it’s fired. The video was only published three days ago and already has over 1 million views.

While the folks at Hacksmith Industries don’t use a real gun — they use a Nerf gun and spraypaint it to match the gun in the game — and attach a speaker to the gun so that every time someone shoots a Nerf bullet and an unsuspecting playmate or suspecting playmate, the gun screams. While it’s certainly really annoying (and annoying in the game as well) it’s also, well, really funny to see it all come together. It’s in awful taste, but had great execution. And sometimes, that’s really fun!