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This Mom’s Brilliant Back-to-School Shirt for Her Son Goes Viral

Her post has her 217,000 likes.

@carinawitha_C/ Twitter

Back-to-school is an exciting time (especially for moms gaining their freedom back), but it’s also a time for making memories. One mom’s sweet idea for commemorating her son’s first day of school has gone viral on Twitter, and it’s so brilliant.

21-year-old Carina Cansino of Dallas, Texas decided to make her 5-year-old son Gus’s back-to-school photos even more memorable. So, she had Gus wear an oversized t-shirt with “Class of 2032” (the year he’ll graduate high school) written on the front. On the back of the shirt is space for Gus to make a handprint for each year, starting from pre-k all the way through 12th grade. Cansino began the tradition last year for Gus’s first day of preschool, and her photos from his first day of elementary school went completely viral on Twitter.

Along with photos of Gus wearing the shirt, Cansino wrote on Twitter: “Let’s begin the first year of elementary [smiley face emoji]”. The post has since gone viral, gaining over 217,000 likes and 34,000 retweets. Cansino is even selling customizable versions of her shirts so fellow parents can celebrate their kids’ first days of school too. “The goal is to have them hand print it on the back each year they begin a grade and by the time you know it they’ll be graduating and fitting in the T-shirt!” Cansino writes on her website.

The mom told Buzzfeed that she wants to create something that Gus could wear into adulthood as a keepsake. “We all know how fast time flies — and how our kids grow up right before our eyes,” she told the outlet. “So it’s great to have something you can cherish even when they’re not so little anymore.”