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This Mash-Up of Star Wars and Pixar Is Absolutely Incredible

Sully as Chewbacca? Edna Mode as Darth Vader? Sign us up.

Mark Chilcott Instagram

Besides being owned by Disney, Lucasfilm and Pixar have one major thing in common: a penchant for memorable and timeless characters. With this in mind, artist Mark Chilcott has come through with the holy grail of fan art—merging the two universes into one with an image that will surely have your imagination working overtime.

Even the picture’s title, Pixar Wars, almost sounds like it could be some Lego Movie-esque melding of several disparate universes into one hyper-meta-melting-pot. To take it a step further, the personas of a lot of the mashed up characters line up perfectly.

Dash from The Incredibles is clad in his best Luke Skywalker outfit, which makes sense as both characters could easily be described as brave and talented, but also a tad naive and overeager. The combination of Syndrome, the scorned child turned primary villain of The Incredibles, and Kylo Ren; a conflicted and murderous dark Jedi with daddy issues, makes perfect sense too.

Mark Chilcott Instagram

On the other hand, some of the mashups are a little more unexpected. Carl Fredricksen from Up is a grumpy old man, sure. But, has he tapped into his inner galactic overlord? Not exactly. Though, it’s arguably more fun to imagine Up as a movie about Emperor Fredricksen racing to deliver the Death Star plans from behind the wheel of a strange balloon house. Similarly, Edna Mode is a brilliant and cheeky straight- shooter but doesn’t really have the Darth Vader murderous streak in her. Still, seeing her clad in a very fashion-forward version of Vader’s iconic armor (which feels like a subtle nod to Rick Moranis’s Dark Helmet) as she casually smokes a lightsaber cigarette is truly priceless.

You can actually check out more of Chilcott’s art on his Instagram, and if you want to shoot him a little more support, his prints are available for purchase online.