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This Map Shows Every State’s Favorite Disney Princess

Two princesses took the country by storm!

It’s so difficult to choose your favorite Disney princess. Disney has created so many memorable princesses to pick from. Your princess needs to embody the traits you admire most and a personality that’s similar to yours. Basically, it requires a lot of soul-searching, which is what asked people to do. The results were very surprising.

The Princesses of Arendelle caused quite the cold front across the United States of America, and more than half of the states embraced it. Together, the royalty of Frozen collected 27 states between the two of them. It’s not a competition, but older sister Elsa definitely won more states than Anna. The pair did tie in South Carolina and Wisconsin though, causing the sisters to jointly reign over those states. Utah also couldn’t choose. There was a five-way tie between Elsa, Rapunzel, Show White, Belle and Cinderella. 

Some princesses won in states that are closely aligned to the climates or places they lived in. Princess Ariel of The Little Mermaid won in Florida, which makes sense as they have 663 miles of beaches, and Princess Tiana of The Princess and the Frog won in her home state of Louisiana.

There were some big snubs though. Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel barely walked away with any states. These Disney darlings got eclipsed by Frozen. Belle’s wane in popularity might make sense though due to the whole imprisonment and Stockholm Syndrome situation. gave Disney princess enthusiasts 15 princesses to pick from, and Moana wasn’t one of them. The new Polynesian princess wasn’t even included on this poll, but we’re certain she would have won in Hawaii if she had been an option.

Two of the 15 princesses have been largely forgotten by Disney. Megara from Hercules and Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame might be fan favorites, but they’ve been excluded from the Disney Princess marketing. Megara won in North Carolina while Esmeralda swept California and Oklahoma. Maybe Disney needs to reintroduce Megara and Esmeralda back into the Disney princess canon.