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This Little Girl Created a New “Hand Raising” Girl Scout Badge. She Rocks

You go, Girl Scout.

Left Photo by Jake Tapper

Ten-year-old Girl Scout Alice Paul Tapper, named after Alice Paul, one of the suffragettes who pioneered the fight for women’s right to vote, has continued the trend of badass trailblazing women to change the way women interact with the world by creating a Girl Scout badge.

That badge, called the “Raise Your Hand” badge, is only earned by raising your hand in class and then recruiting at least three other girls, Girl Scout or not, to do the same. Tapper created it when she noticed on a field trip that all of the male students in her class stood near the front of the group and enthusiastically raised their hands to share answers and opinions, while the girls generally stood behind the boys and stayed silent. Tapper was bothered enough to bring it up to her mother, and they had a long conversation about it before deciding to bring it to her troop, which is based in Washington D.C.

In the ensuing conversation with her troop, Tapper and her friends all realized they had seen this phenomenon before. So they decided to take their idea about the badge to their local council, which serves, according to Tapper, 62,000 young girls in the D.C. area. The patch was then created and now Girl Scout troops across the country can add it to their repertoire.

The effects will be great: young girls everywhere need to learn how to speak up for themselves. And by spreading that pledge along to girls whether or not they’re a Girl Scout, the badge will help girls gain more confidence in professional and educational settings where they may usually take a quiet backseat to boys or men. That a 10-year-old recognized this totally rocks. It shouldn’t be surprising: Girl Scouts are unbelievably badass