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This Guy Made A Gun That Shoots A Mask Onto Your Face

Would people buy this?


Could you make a device that could actually shoot a face mask over someone’s mouth and nose? Could these so-called “mask launchers” encourage more people to wear face masks? YouTuber and former MythBusters contestant Allen Pan crafted an ingenious device and launched a subsequent experiment to try to find out. His work, chronicled in a recent YouTube video, is wildly entertaining, and it also manages to tackle two things at once: “guns and public safety,” i.e., the “best of both worlds,” Pan jokes, to address the fact that so many Americans are still avoiding public health guidelines by not wearing masks.

He talks about his process of creating the launcher, which, as the name suggests, actually aims to shoot a mask over someone’s face who isn’t wearing one. The mechanics of making the gun seem a bit complicated (it involved a pistol grip and part of a car’s brake line, among other parts, as per Gizmodo). Once he finished making the device, he tested it out, and miraculously launched it over the “face” of a statue that he had set up. He admits that he was a bit lucky on the first try because he found that aiming the launcher was more difficult than he originally thought. Still, he went out and tried it in-person in Huntington Beach, California, to mixed, but kind of hilarious results. Is this a solution to get more Americans to wear masks? Would people actually buy this? Not sure, but at least it’s definitely entertaining. 

Check out the video below.