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This Family of Four Accidentally Partied With Drag Queens and Loved Every Minute of It

They were definitely not prepared for what was in store.


Hot travel tip for parents: drag performances are excellent distractions for your little ones. An unsuspecting family of four found themselves in the middle a Pride party on their flight, and had the time of their lives. In celebration of this year’s World Pride (and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots), a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to NYC was chosen as the official Pride Flight. Kerry Powell, along with her husband Sean and two young sons, happily went along for the drag queen-filled ride.

Powell told The Daily Mail that they’d booked their flight in September of last year, long before it was chosen as the Pride Flight. The airline called to inform Powell of the plans and ask if they wanted to change flights, but the family’s schedule wouldn’t allow it.

So, they boarded the flight, not totally aware of what was in store for them. The eight-hour journey included drag queen bingo and a Judy Garland sing-along, as well as guests like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Tituss Burgess and RuPaul’s Drag Race Courtney Act. (Uh, sign us up.)

A smile-inducing Twitter video has since surfaced, showing the family partying hard with drag performers and other LGBTQ-identifying passengers. In the clip, which has over 38,000 views, Powell’s sons, 4-year-old Calum and one-year-old Cody, are excitedly dancing along to the festivities.

“It was brilliant. The kids enjoyed it and the eight hours flew by,” Powell told the Mail. “The goodie bags were amazing and the celebrities chatted with us and took photos. Overall fantastic time!”