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This Family is Fighting For Their Five-Year-Old Daughter to Be Allowed to Use Medical Marijuana at School

The judge will rule on Brooke's case in 45 days.


Despite the fact that the recreational use of Marijuana has been legalized in California, one North Bay school is telling a local family that their five-year-old daughter must stay home from school if she plans to continue using cannabis oil to treat a life-threatening condition. The oil has helped five-year-old Brooke Adams with a type of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome.

For years, many have lauded cannabis for its ability to help certain people manage their seizures. While not everyone believes that, one is hard-pressed to argue that the oil has no effect on Brooke’s seizures whatsoever. Brooke’s mom Jana could be seen administering the oil during a video of the five-year-old in the thick of a seizure. Just minutes later, the shaking stopped.

“THC oil comes from marijuana plant has been able to stop her prolonged seizures in minutes, instead of having to take her to ER,” she said.

Still, despite the success of the cannabis treatment, The Rincon Valley Union School District, where Brooke and her family live, is adhering to a strict federal rule that bans drugs like marijuana from all campuses. Though cannabis is legal in California, the federal government is still maintaining the ban on it. But now, Brooke’s parent don’t know what to do, as they’d like their daughter to attend a school like a regular kid instead of being homeschooled.

“Why does any parent send their kids to school,” Jana asked. “I want the same thing for my daughter to be able to experience making friends.”

A judge is currently ruling on Brooke’s case and the family should have an answer in about a month and a half. Still, the ruling would only apply to Brooke. A federal judge actually ruled in favor of a family in a similar predicament as Brooke’s at the end Of January. Thus allowing the school nurse to treat her with cannabis oil.