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This Dad’s Drone Footage Showed a Shark Swimming Right Towards His Kids

"It is terrifying to see them come that close to my kids."


A Florida man was able to rescue his kids from a shark swimming near them in the ocean, all thanks to his drone footage. Dan Watson told FOX35 Orlando that while at New Smyrna Beach with his wife and children, he decided to snap some birds-eye photos on his drone. The results were completely chilling – and life-saving.

“Kids were playing in the beach and I just decided, ‘Hey, now’s a good time to get a picture of them overhead,” Watson told the station. “Literally, as soon as I got it into the air, I started seeing a shadow moving through the water right towards them.”

Watson then immediately told his wife, Sally, to get the kids out of the water. She yelled for them to get out, not knowing exactly how they were in danger. Luckily, the family was able to escape just as the shark swam past them.

The incident was jarring, mostly because the family was hanging out in a shallow part of the ocean, which isn’t usually associated with shark attacks. “When you think of a shark, you think of them in deep water, you don’t think of them extremely close, and you don’t think they’ll come in knee-deep water,” Sally Watson told Central Florida station News 13. “It is terrifying to see them come that close to my kids.”

It’s crazy that Watson was prompted to check his camera at the very moment he did, but we’re going to chalk that up to parents’ intuition. Bravo, dad.