This Is How You Explain To The Teacher Why Your Kid Was Late To School

Having children is a bureaucratic nightmare: They’re born into paperwork with the birth certificate and things only get worse when they enter the school system. Seth King, a Utah father of 5, knows this plight all too well and is required to write tardiness excuses every time one of his kids is late. To have some fun with the obligation, he’s decided to apply some dad humor to his explanations and post the results to a now-popular Instagram account: @latenotes.

“I have had a few phone calls/texts asking if I ‘really wrote [this] note,'” King told The Huffington Post. “The attendance office at my daughter’s middle school looked forward to them when they received them. I think for the most part it brightens their day, which is the goal.” Let it be a lesson to fathers everywhere: People will lie to you and tell you they look forward to your dad jokes.

On the other hand, King’s are pretty good:

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This might be the most historically accurate way to celebrate Columbus Day, often seen as America’s most offensive holiday.

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The dad sketch is very much an under-utilized offshoot of the dad joke. Clearly, that’s not King’s first frogicorn.

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It’s important to talk to your kids about the birds and the bees, but avoid discussing 50 Shades of Grey if you can. You don’t want them knowing the filthy details of how even terrible writers can get movie deals.

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Looks like Isabella’s boy band fever is contagious.

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Sometimes you have to grease some palms to get things done in this country, even if it’s just a drip.


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