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This Dad Used Photoshop to Bring His Kids’ Drawings Into the Real World

Wait until you see Mickey Mouse.

@ThingsIHaveDrawn Instagram

No matter how great you think your child’s drawings look, there is a high chance that when they drew them, realism wasn’t their primary concern. One dad named Tom Curtis is flipping this whole concept on its head by creating hyper-realistic versions of his kids’ drawings using photoshop. Curtis, who works as a content marketer has taken to putting the renderings on Instagram, where they have become a massive hit with his 129,000 followers. It’s quite unnatural and a little bit unsettling to see these childhood creations exist in the real world but at the same time, it’s a fun way to admire the boundless and insane imagination of kids.

Among his most interesting renditions are drawings of animals, including his recreation of a tiger with the head to body ratio of a platypus and an insane sidewise grin. While the original drawing looks like something you would expect to see from a young child, Curtis uses it to create the strangest looking tiger you’ve ever seen.

One of his kids also drew Mickey Mouse, transforming Disneyland from the happiest place on earth into the creepiest place on earth.

There is also an elephant that has its face on its forehead that may forever change the way you see the big-eared animals forever.

The weirdest one may be the drawing Curtis did of a rabbit with a pair of bifocals on. Once Curtis was done with his drawing, it looked a lot less like a bunny and more like a spider with four eyes.

Curtis has even made ‘real-life’ versions of his kid’s own drawings of him, which is as jarring as it is hilarious.