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This Dad Made an Amazing One-Handed Catch While Holding His Son at a Baseball Game

He could not be less enthused.

MLB via Cut4/Twitter

In the eyes of a kid, everything their parent does is dorky and embarrassing. It’s just how life goes. Even when a parent does something decidedly impressive, their child will turn a blind eye. Such was the case during Saturday’s Angels-Mariners baseball game in Seattle, when one dad pulled off an epic one-handed catch; much to his son’s boredom.

During the game, Mariners infielder Luís Rengifo hit a foul ball into the crowd. In a single swift motion, one dad and Mariners fan casually lifted his right arm and caught the ball. The crowd cheered and clapped for his victory, but a hilarious video clip shows that his son remained unfazed by the accomplishment. As his dad celebrates the epic catch, the little boy doesn’t even crack a smile, and continues lazily eating popcorn in his dad’s lap. The whole thing is not only adorably funny but also a perfect, bite-sized example of parenthood.

“You think the kid is unimpressed with his dad now? Wait till he is a teenager,” one commenter wrote on Deadspin‘s coverage of the video. Others pointed out that part of parenthood is adopting effortless, cat-like reflexes. (Seriously, how did he do that while sitting down?!) “That’s a dad. As cool as the other side of the pillow. #nicelydone,” said one viewer on Twitter. “Seems like this happens every year in the MLB,” wrote another. “It’s basically Dad of the Year receiving his trophy.” Surely, this little boy will look back on this video with pride…even if it takes a few years.