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This Guy Just Set The World Record For A Half Marathon With A Jogging Stroller

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Yesterday, Calum Neff just set a world record for pushing a stroller in a half marathon — the Canadian-by-way-of-Texas (and his 11-month old daughter) ran the 13.1 miles in 1:11:27. To put that in perspective, his time is just 6 minutes off the pace it would require to make the Olympic marathon team, and Olympic marathoners aren’t pushing squat.

Calum Neff Sets World RecordFacebook: Calum Neff

To be fair, Neff isn’t some off-the-couch schmuck — he survived the Canadian Death Race, a 125 kilometer trail run with 17,000 feet of elevation change — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be inspired by his accomplishments. Get yourself one of these jogging strollers and then you just have to follow the advice of a guy who trains marathoners for a living: teach the kid how to make you a sandwich when you’re done.

[H/T] Competitor.com

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