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This Dad Did a Data Deep Dive to Discover Who’s the Top Dog on ‘Paw Patrol’

"I crunched some numbers and, well..."

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Watching children’s television shows for hours on end is enough to drive anyone a little insane. At the very least, parents are bound to get bored by the repetitive songs and plot lines. One dad was getting a little tired of endless PAW Patrol episodes, so he decided to do some research into a perplexing trend he noticed.

Christopher Ingraham, dad and data reported, thought that something seemed off about Ryder, the young boy leading a pack of six rescue dogs. When it comes to assigning duties, Ryder always favors some dogs over others, so Ingraham decided to see if this theory was supported. He analyzed the number of times he assigns duties to each dog and shared his surprising findings on Twitter.

Based on Ingraham’s diligent work, Chase, the police dog and German Shephard, has had more deployments in seasons four through six than any other dog – 61 deployments to be exact. In comparison, Zuma only had a measly 16.

“Something about PAW Patrol was bothering the heck out of me and as it turns out there’s an obsessively-maintained Wiki, so I crunched some numbers and, well,” Ingraham wrote on Twitter, along with a graph showing his findings.

Clearly, there is some favoritism going on here. He later followed up the initial tweet with: “Imagine having six dogs and taking one of them on walkies four times as often as another one. What kind of example is this setting for our children?” He also jokingly created the hashtag #IStandWithZuma, to show his support for the underrated pup.

Whatever it takes to get through episode after episode of your kid’s favorite show, right?