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This Brilliant Dad Tracked His Baby’s Growth Using Cheesesteaks

What a delicious unit of measurement.

Some parents measure their children’s growth with a series of small notches and lines on the wall; others use a ruler and keep a log. But one Pennsylvania dad happened upon a truly groundbreaking and delicious method: he charted his baby son’s growth using a variety of Philadelphia cheesesteaks.

Like Newton’s apple dropping from a tree and granting the scientist a radically new insight, what Brad Williams calls “Cheesesteak for Scale” was just a lucky observation. One day, cheesesteak en tow, Williams came home only to notice that his two-week-old son Lucas was about the same size as the sandwich. From that point on, Williams and his wife photographed their son with a cheesesteak every month for the first year of his life.

Williams’ family and friends all fell in love with the hilarious new measurement system and a new tradition was born. A friend even posted a photo to Instagram of Williams sprawled out on a baby blanket next to a cheesesteak about as long as his calf. They cheekily call the image “554 months Cheesesteak for scale.”

In speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Williams also offered this very poetic comparison between babies and the cheesesteaks: “Wrapped up they are warm and cuddly, but once you unwrap them, expect a huge mess. Either way, both are worth it!” Well said, sir.