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This Badass Mom Just Totally Dominated ‘American Ninja Warrior’

She's the first mom in the show's history to complete the course.

YouTube/American Ninja Warrior

All moms are superheroes: it’s just facts. Some make a mean lasagna, some kill it at their careers, and some literally fling themselves over structures with their seemingly superhuman strength. Sandy Zimmerman falls into the latter category, having just made history on the eleventh season of American Ninja Warrior.

Forty-two-year-old Zimmerman is a mom of three, physical education teacher, and now, the first woman this season to complete the show’s challenging course. Even better? She’s the first mom ever to hoist herself over the Warped Wall.

American Ninja Warrior is known for its ultra-difficult obstacles: the Barrel Roll, the Broken Bridge, and the Lightning Bolts to name a few. During Monday’s Seattle/Tacoma City qualifiers episode, Zimmerman approached all of them with focus, strength, and determination – and totally nailed everything that came her way.

In the crowd, you can see Zimmerman’s family cheering her on with giant smiles across their faces. Towards the end of the course when Zimmerman stumbled on her first try up the Warped Wall, her family’s cheers grew louder. The rest of the audience joined, and soon, the sound of applause was almost deafening and chants of “Sandy! Sandy!” rose up.

With newfound determination, Zimmerman nailed the Wall on her second try (contestants are allowed three attempts), hit the buzzer, and jumped in celebration. “Mom! The first mom!” she cried when she reached the top.

Check out the video of the epic victory below, and prepare to be amazed. What an incredible moment for Zimmerman – and moms everywhere!